Sunday, March 18, 2012

  Well...on March 5th I finally
got out of "Dodge".  I took off
from the marina with Carol, Richard
and Murphy on the S/V Vela.
We were off like a herd of
turtles and then Richard had some
engine overheating issues so we
only went to Caleta Lobos which
is not very far from La Paz on the
Baja Peninsula.  It was nice
stopping early and hanging out.
Carol made some delicious shrimp
pasta and all was right with the
   Got up early and headed out this
time to Caleta Partida. A great stop
while on the way up north.  There
were several other boats there and
I made California Rolls for dinner
that night.  We were sort of light
weights and that evening just made
an emergency wine delivery to Brenda
on Firefly (she had failed to provision
very well in my book and we had
S/V Vela
some provisioning discussions) then back to Jasdip for the rolls and off to bed!!  Vela likes to rise fairly early.
Which I actually enjoy as long as
I have a grip on the boat chores.
Everything is starting to get a lot
more routine for me and I am starting
to really be able to relax and enjoy
the trips.
   We then left there the next am and headed for Isla San Francisco.  We were holed up there for 3 days during a fairly fierce Northern Blow.
It is sea grass time and the Island is not
quite as pretty with the dark water
but still a great place to get stuck.
  We hightailed it out of there as soon
as the wind calmed down and
went to the back side of SF where we anchored in 14 feet of the most beautiful, clear water and immediately
headed for the white sandy beach.
Murphy (Springer spaniel with an
amazing personality) had a great time
romping and swimming  and generally
wearing himself out, which is the
Mr Murphy wanting to head in after a seagull!
purpose of the excursion as we all know!  That dog will get in the
water and just swim for the heck
of it.  No goal, no destination
just swim till someone makes him
  Next am had a lovely dinghy ride
to Amortajada and went through the lagoon to to the other side where we
stopped a bit for a brew and
some snacks and to watch Murphy swim.
Exit from the Lagoon to the sea
  It was windy so we actually went back the way we came cause it was
shorter and warmer. Got back and had cocktails on Jasdip. I got out of my chair to get Carol and drink and she plopped right down in it and claimed possession!
See she took my spot!!!
She took my drink, my hat and my binocs and claimed she was me! She made a
good one only much better looking!!!
   I took a picture of Vela that evening, the
wind was absent so you can actually see
her mast and reflection in the


   Off to several places depending on the wind.  Wound up just above a fishing village called Mangle Solo on Isla San Jose.  It was quite picturesque. I spent 5 hours trying to get my thru hull for my holding tank
opened to no avail.  That is when I was looking
for the captain to inform him/her that it was
necessary now to go in the water and try
from the other end so to speak. I couldn't find
that person so I guess it was up to me.
Jasdip North side of SF
  Got on my shorty wet suit, had a shot of
whiskey for courage and to help fend off
the heart attack from the cold and
jumped in.  I tried and tried but to
no avail.  Next time I need to take the
plunger and this metal rod that has
been on Jasdip since 1998. Dan and I
have moved and stored that thing
for 14 years not knowing what it was
for but knowing it was for some
This was the beach above Mangle Solo at dusk 
purpose we hadn't found yet because
the previous owners would not have
anything on the boat if it didn't have
a purpose.  Wish I could tell Danno
that I finally figured out what it
was for!!! Anyway there was no
joy and all I got for my troubles
was a ridiculous rash of stings all over my body!  That"ll teach me.
   A fisherman came up to us and Richard bought 2 1/2 kilos of fresh
red snapper fillets for 100 pesos
Carol always taking pictures!
a beer and a coke. That is the
way I like to go fishing! The next morning I had to  make the decision to leave or stay another day.  I was getting farther and farther away from La Paz and had to return to pick up Jim Jessie who is coming for a visit tomorrow so I elected
to honor my responsibilities and head home.  I sailed wing on wing for at least
two hours and 6 knots, towing the dinghy and motor no less.
   I saw "Flippin Rays" which made my trip complete. I also finally found the
S/V Outrider crew at Isla Partida and spent a day there with Ann, Jeff and Perkins.  We had more California rolls and hung out. It was like summer this late spring I guess....summer is a whole different ball game.
Anne and the California rolls
    I left the next morning about 6am or so and headed back to La Paz. It was
pretty much a motor trip because I wanted to get home before the wind picked up for docking and I needed to go  to the fuel/pump out dock to get fuel and
at least empty my holding tank so the poor diver would have half a chance to
not get covered in "*&!!^"!!!  On my way in to the channel I spied a gray whale,
and a pod of gigantic dolphins. It was a beautiful morning!  Made it to the pump
out station and there was no one there so I docked by myself. Then I headed back to my slip and there was no one there either so I docked again by myself. I secretly hoped there would be no one at either place because it had been a while
since I had docked alone and I wanted to make sure  I remembered how.  Well....
I do and I feel much better having done that!!!  It all helps.
   Jimmy Jessie comes tomorrow night.  We provision on Tuesday and hopefully
leave for the Islands on Wed.  I am looking forward to  the company.........
     Adios mi amigos.........