Wednesday, February 20, 2013

      I flew to Colorado for
a quick visit.  In retrospect I  should have stayed longer but I can the
next time.  Debbie had made reservations at the Springs
in Pagosa Springs, CO.  I had
been there once before
during Ride the Rockies and
had always wanted to go
back.  We stayed at a hotel and Spa with
Add caption
27 different hot pools, all
different temperatures. It was
a very relaxing few days. We
originally planned to stay 2 days
but that turned into 3 or I think
maybe even 4 days.  It was just so
nice. The town had lots of
places to visit and really good
food.  The pools felt good on my
shoulder and Debbie left me alone
to do my exercises for which I am
grateful.  The exercising and
stretching necessary to
improve the function and strength
are probably the most boring
thing I have ever had to do in my
life!!!! It must really be painful
for anyone to even be near me and
have to see any of it!!!
    We went to Chimney Rock to see
it up close.  The aspens were turning
at that altitude and the scenery was

 The minerals in the water
left beautiful designs and deposits
on all the rocks.  There was a
very hot pool named "The Lobster
Pot" (118 deg) located right
by the River so one could
sit in the Pot for a while and then
jump into the cold mountain water.
I tried it but the pool in the river was
a bit shallow due to low runoff at
the time.

The water felt good on the shoulders and neck!

One of Deb's favorite pools.
The infamous Penguin Ice Bucket! (only $35.00)

Tool and trash art

Chimney Rock

   Very cool machine that wrings
out your swimsuit in 10 seconds!

The Aspens were beautiful!

Back to Denver and a quick visit with Eddie
  We got back to Denver, went to  visit Ed and Bob then it was time for
me to head back  to San Francisco.  I will return. Summer 2013!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Summer 2012 (5)

Going back  down the coast
I stopped at Cave Junction again to
spend a bit more time with the
sibs.  It was hard to stay away and
even harder to leave.
   We had a great day outing
starting in the redwoods.  I
of course did not drive, sat in the back seat with a towel over my head
and at times I would lay on the

seat with said towel over
my head!  Do you
believe it.  I don't get seasick anymore but
I do get car sick.  It is the strobe affect of
sun through the tall trees! Go figure.
   There was this knurl in one of the
trunks and the native Indians would never
touch that tree or harm that face.  It was
believed that it was the
face of one of their "Shamans" and that his
spirit lived on in the tree and around the
world as well.

Ida and Emma 
Beth and Friend at the River

Lisa, Emma and I all went to the beach on the way home.  We really wanted to stick our feet in the sand and  hear and see the waves.  Of course it was overcast.  That is the Oregon coast in the summer.  Not always of course but quite frequently.  It was lovely we headed home tired and happy after seeing our beloved Ocean. 

The Best French Toast
The Best View
     Well it was time to head back
to the Bay Area for my trip to Silverstrand Beach to stay with Mark and Joyce for a week before heading
to Colorado. On my trip down the coast I stopped in my favorite Inn.
The Albion.  There are no TV's and every room has a beautiful,
unobstructed view of the Ocean.
They also have a restaurant to
"die" for.  I drank dinner and
munched in anticipation of the
breakfast I knew was in my future.
I was not disappointed except for
lack of room in my stomach.

Across the street is the Hughes Llama
Ranch.  Laura and Shelly this one is
for you guys!

Cypress tree Tunnel 
The view from my room

On the way down the coast my car
just stopped.  I realized that I was
very near the Navarro Vineyards
and she was trying to tell me I must go in.  I had a lovely stop, tasted as much wine as I could and still drive and
came away with 5 cases of wine.
As I was loading them in the car I
realized that I would drink at least
one before I ever left the States so I  went back in and procured another
to drink before i left for La Paz.

    Jeff, Ann and I spent a day visiting Jack London Square.  It was a beautiful
day on the Waterfront and it is always good to see those two.

    It was a great day for driving
when I left for Oxnard.  The sun was
out and the sky was blue and there
were parts of  of the drive that
cruised along the Pacific.  As I looked
out over the ocean and saw the Santa
Barbara Channel there was a FLOOD
of amazing memories that hit me. I had
to pull over.  I was vividly reminded
of my trip on Jasdip down the coast
by myself.  The trip was incredible and
all the memories just screamed into my consciousness.  It was indescribable!
(I can say that because these words
just aren't doing it but hopefully you
get the idea!) So when I got to Mark and Joyce's I was high as a kite from
that experience.
     As usual those guys are always moving and shaking.  We had a bike
ride and lunch at a favorite dive on  the
beach.  I watched the cats grow
some more. Hours of entertainment!!
Saw the water and it was sooooooo..
clear!!! Sat on the beach. Walked the
beach lookeing for
beach glass.  Cooked and ate the best
meals. I am so grateful for my friends
and family allowing me to
share their slices of their own
heaven with me. We all have our
worlds and friends and such and
this past summer was all about
sharing them with me.  I had one of the
best summers of my life in 2012 and
will never forget it!!!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Summer 2012 (4)


Murphy the "boat "dog
  Actually I didn't head south
I headed north to visit Carol,
Richard and Murphy outside
Eugene.  They have a
Catalina 42 named S/V Vela.
I met them in La Paz and we became fast friends.  At the time they
co-owned the boat but are in the
process of buying her
outright.  They want to leave
her in La Paz or points south and
the partner wanted her to be in
San Diego.  So Vela is in SD and
is slated to come down
the coast in October of this year!
I can hardly wait! We headed
into the Sea last year and buddy
boated for about 9 days and it
was one of the best times
I have had since leaving the
Bay area!  Needless to say it was
a great visit.  Great food, wineries,
touring the area,walks, hanging and of course Movie Nights were all involved. They have this beautiful
piece of furniture that looks
almost like one of your
grandmother's dining room
pieces AND when you push a button,
out comes this HUGE beautiful
TV/Movie screen!!!

Movie Nights...note the screen!

Beautiful Country Kitchen

The Farm

Carol's stained glass!

Carol's nightly routine!!

Richard with hi favorite beer (Ninkasi) after a long bike ride!

     There is a field to the right of their house with a bunch of cows in it and every
day they go back and forth eating just like clockwork! Never noticed that before!
Guess it is sort of like watching grass dying...or getting eaten....sort of like sailing!
LOL! Anyway, like clockwork, around 5 pm they seem to arrive at her fence and
and try to get at the goodies she is growing on her side.  They stretch an lean and
lean a little further and...oops the fence is down! So...needless to say she is tired
of that and has her cow mover (a big stick) and gives them a shove when they
come near.  It is great fun to watch (sorry Carol)! Rumor has it that the
owner is going to move the cows to another field and POOF there goes the
entertainment. Carol, however, will probably be happy if that does indeed happen.
A great visit and I am looking forward to our next reunion this summer or this