Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Isla San Francisco

   Had a great sail to Isla San Francisco (ISF).
Lazy womans sail (jib only).  When we arrived there
was only one other boat but a few pulled in.
The National Geographic boat was there
and their passengers were kayaking all over.
That evening they had a Beach Party complete
with tiki lights and beach chairs.  I think those
guys treat their passengers pretty well. And
well they should for $1,000.00 a Day.
  Just another beautiful beach.  The water was
still a bit cold but so inviting. I swam a bit
but my sister is a fish and 
cannot stay out of the
water long.

    We hung and the next
day headed up the
mountain to see what
we could see. We parked the dinghy
on the beach and left it anchored.
I don't have wheels so I have to
leave it in the water.  It was warm
and we had some problems
finding the path but all went well and
we climbed.  The vegetation here is
very different but equally as beautiful
in it's own way. We were headed
up to look for whales and whale spouts.
We were not disappointed.  They
could be seen off in the distance. We wanted to
get closer but it just didn't happen.


Jasdip at Anchor

Jasdip (just another swell day in paradise).

Monday, May 30, 2011

On our way

     Next stop, Isla San Francisco. Just off the
tip of Isla Partida is a set of rocks called
Isla Islotes. This is a sea lion refuge.
The locals take tourists out to the rock in Pangas
and let them snorkel with the baby seals.
I have heard it is a blast but I have also heard
the seals are not tiny babies and they get quite
frisky.  They are also not a bit shy around
humans and if you get too close Ma or Pa
might get it in their head that you could hurt
their young and then........well.........I am not
going there!.
     All that was to justify why I didn't snorkel with
them.  Also I would have had to anchor
and the water was still COLD!  I asked Lisa
if she wanted to try it but she was content
to just look and take pictures.
  You could see the parents on the rocks.
There were several boats around as well as
the National Geographic Research and Tour boat.
Must be nice.  It costs $1000.00 a day to be
aboard that thing.  It followed us to Isla San

     We circled around in front of the Island
and got several  good looks.  We also
noted that the rocks above the Islands
were nesting grounds for Boobies and Frigate
Birds.  There were tons of them.  Their feet
really are blue. And those Frigate Birds are
Boobies and Frigates
What a great Kayaking spot
After circling a few times we turned and
headed North. There was a little breeze
so we put up the Jib and had
a Lazy sail to San Francisco.
Sailing to Isla San Francisco

Lisa's Visit (cont)

   Well we arrived in Calita Partida fairly late so we decided that we needed to stay at least one more
day.  It is just impossible to go to an anchorage and
leave the next day.  At least for me it is these days.
We took the dinghy off to the "river" that separates
the two Islands (Partida on the left and Ispiratu Santos on the right) at high tide.  There were
a few fisherman there but they were men of few
words. We took our leave and headed back to the boat.  Lisa took another long kayak ride and I
hung at the boat. (only one Kayak).

   Next day was off the Ensanada Grande.  I hadn't been there yet and boy did I fall in love!!! We had our own private beach with clothes optional.
White sand, clear water and blue sky!
We were anchored alone and then a friends' boat was on  the radio and I said Hi, told them where
we were and we had Company.
This kind of company we love.  It was Marv
and Ardy from Odyssey.  Fellow Gate 11'ers.
They were on their way back  to La Paz
to take their friends back to the airport.
They were hosting a couple that had been friends
with them for at least 40 years. What a hoot.
Marve took a hike on the Island to find the Geo
Cache and too also, I think, plant one of his own. We wound up
having cocktails and snacks on Odyssey then hit
the sack with the sun.
    Next day was a dinghy ride to the next bay where
there is a Blue Footed Boobie Rookery.  We were
Sister in Paradise
rewarded by many Boobies on many nests. It was
delightful to watch them. Back to the boat and
beach for a swim and snacks.
   Ardy and Marve took off but We had just said hi to
Tug Tub as they had been hanging out in Ensanada Grande
as well.  They invited us over for cocktails and a "hot tub".
Yes I did say HOT TUB and I meant it.
They invented a floating hot tub for boaters and we
got to test it out.  It is a salt water hot tube with it's own
heater.  You tether it to the Mother Ship and heat it
up to 105 then take it off it's short tether and let it
loose on it's long tether. One only has to come back to the Mother Ship if one a) runs out of wine
or b) the tub needs to be heated again.
There was a full moon and the wine was
flowing It was a JASDIP evening and
Lisa and I couldn't ask for anything more.

Paul Preparing for out Hot Tub

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I Was Lost But Now I'm Almost Found

Hi there! To all my dear friends and Family, I am
sorry about the long hiatus from my blog. As you
know I had a shoulder replacement a couple of
years ago and have been having a heck of a time
getting my strength back and stopping the pain.
Well....contrary to popular belief one can  teach an
old Dog new tricks.  It just takes longer!!!!
Sitting at my computer has caused a great deal of
pain and suffering for me. I realized this sometime
around Feb. this year.  I just couldn't find a comfortable
position.  Well I finally figured out that just like I had
learn to walk, stand, wash dishes, brush my teeth, brush my
hair (you get the picture) etc., etc., using proper body
position, I have to learn to sit at my computer in the proper
position as well (but first.....I have to experiment enough to FIND it). I have not quite gotten it down yet but
it is getting better.  I am really looking forward to starting it up
again especially if it doesn't hurt. So thanks for your Patience
and don't give up on me. I am alive and it is gorgeous here and
I can hardly wait to share what I have been up to with you.
I just need another week or so of practice. Bad habits die HARD!!!
But they do die. I think I left off at my little sis's visit so hopefully

tune in soon for more exciting adventures (Not.....) of Crit and
her trusty vessel Jasdip.