Sunday, October 5, 2014

How Time Flies

Mark & Joyce
    Well here I am again.  Now both humerus bones have
been resurfaced.  There is just the strengthening left.  The
shoulders haven't felt this good in 20 years!!!  Once again my real
good buddies, Mark and Joyce, put me up and helped
me with my recovery.  Those guys are just the
greatest!! I haven't a clue what I would have done without
them. They schlepped ice, took me to the Doctor,
cooked for me, took me to physical therapy and then when
I could drive, Joyce loaned me her car (it is an automatic)
which was a godsend for the first month or so. After I
started to feel better (which was pretty quick) Dave took
me on his Passport to the Passport Beach Part at
Clipper Cove.  I got to see several of my old Passport
buddies and their boats.  It was a beautiful sunny, warm
weekend and all had a blast!
looks like the right one
We had 5 boats that weekend

At low tide we even had a beach!
Davie of S/V Manana

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After healing and some physical therapy I headed north to see mt family in Oregon and my outlaws who were visiting Vancouver Island.  I drove up and met up with Warren and Candy and spent a wonderful 2 weeks with them.  I experienced car ferries, beautiful vacation rental houses, crab museums, Empress Hotel in Victoria, Butchart Gardens, beautiful small coves where one can anchor as one sails around Vancouver Island and lots of good food and company.  It is always good to see Warren and Candy Dowler. Then there was Cowichan Bay where we met up with Dean and Dee Dee on their beautiful wooden boat Unda.  I met them in La Paz this last year and we had a great time, then Dean realized he couldn't take the heat so Unda found herself on a Big Ship to be taken to Victoria, B.C. Once in Victoria they sailed about the Island of Vancouver until it was time to get ready for two Wooden Boat Shows.  There is one in Victoria and  then the flotilla heads to Port Townsend and there is the Port Townsend Wooden Boat Show.  I made it to  Port Townsend for the show and met up again with Dee Dee and Dean.  There was so much beautiful wood there. I had never been to a wooden boat show before so it was a beautiful site for me. It was amazing how many folks that were there that I knew. I got to go sailing with some friends of my sister's in Oregon that were there sailing about with their new to them Catalina 42.  It was a lovely day. Warm and sunny but I knew the winter was coming and it was only a tease.
Palm Readings Anyone?
Japanese Garden

Well it was a great trip.  I saw lots of beautiful country

and my dear vehicle is now over 200,000 miles.  I hope to get 300,000. I have always 
wanted to see what that area of the world looked like and now I have seen it. It would be 
nice to take a bit more time and maybe sail around some but I am not going to bring 
Jasdip up here for  quite a while. Unlike Dean, I like the warm and will be heading
back to my beloved Jasdip in 3 weeks or so.  She remained relatively unscathed after
Odile but not all were so lucky.  I am so grateful.