Thursday, January 26, 2012

The deck is moving forward.....

Doug and Lynne
Managing to secure the wheel over the curb and avoid the rebar on the sidewalk  was a magnificent first park job in Mexico for Brenda ( and no there was no wine involved!)! 

Don the Birthday Boy!
But first a goodbye to S/V Miramar. Doug,
Lynne and Higgins.  Off to the mainland and
a trip down to the south for fun.
 They will be back sometime in the spring to sail the Sea of Cortez.
     Then a trip to town just to get out with Brenda  of S/V Firefly and Lisa of S/V Gypsea.  The first thing we had to do was jump the Explorer then off we went.  Took a bit of time.
   Then it was Don's Birthday!  A cake, a musical
light house and a candle. Then dinner at El
Corazon. Another great night.
    Saturday was one of the lowest tides of the year and Don and Kathy and I took the dinghy
out to the Magote (big sand Island in the Bay)
A Birthday Dance!
and navigated                                                                          around all of the sand bars in the
                                                                           Bay. It was amazing to see how
                                                                           shallow parts of the Bay are. There were
                                                                            many folks out just walking on
the Bay.  Kathy has the pictures so
I need to get a few. I was driving.
It was a great excursion and the
Bay was calm and warm!

    Monday the deck started.  The old one came
off.  It apparently came off fairly easily
because the teak had not adhered properly
from the very beginning.  The deck itself
was in good shape and the new teak is
going down.  There are screws only on
the outside piece.  It is starting to
look like a deck.
    Anyway I am excited but tired and
we have to do it all again tomorrow.
Good night for now.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Jasdip is getting spiffed up!

Slowly but surely Jasdip
Removed the old varnish and this is what it looks like.
is getting some things done
to spruce her up.  I have been
wanting to do this for a long time.
Here are a few pics of the 
updates.  A new awning for the 
sun that I can actually put up/ and
take down by myself!  No poles
to slip, with great fanfare never to 
be seen again!  Leaving the 
hapless crew with no shade!
    The floor is being varnished
a little at a time due to the fact that I
A New Sun Awning
must continue to live on her. Hector 
also made me a new main sail cover
that has the slits for the Lazy Jacks!!
     The new deck began last 
Monday.  As of today (Friday)
the old deck is off and it has been
ground. Today is the beginning
of the wood placement.

Old Deck Electrolysis on the screws

The Old deck.....

Removal of all the deck fittings
Luckily I don't have to many.
The head finally got painted and the varnish is being done.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Yet another Party!

Adrianna, Carlos, Pamela and Nelva

  I almost forgot the Marina Palmira
Christmas Party. It was at the patio
outside the Marina office.  Carlos
(the boss) had appetizers and wine and we cruisers definitely put a dent in
the Tienda's supply.  We saw one of
the girls who used to work there
whom we all just love. Marcella came and brought her sister. The ladies at the
front desk are the most friendly and
helpful people in the world.
Marcella was the one who found
me a slip when I first got here
and the Norther was blowing
me to heck while at the
Anchorage. She was and still is
my guardian angel. She and
Adrianna.  It was JASDIP!

Marcella and Kathy 

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Tale of two Gulets !

   Gulets are Turkish built yachts made of wood especially for chartering.
 They are replicas of old Turkish trade ships.  There are two here at Marina
Palmira.  Do not know what is going on with them but one is definitely in better

shape that tho other!  A few
weeks ago the less sound one
started to sink and tip. It was sad
but it has been thought that it is
a hazard to all  the other boats
if it ever breaks loose in a
blow. Folks at the Marina
hired some people to attempt
to right it. It was a 3 week
project and it was most
entertaining. They did keep it from
falling over and blocking the
Marina fairway.  There were small
tow trucks and bigger tow trucks
"dead heads" (large blocks of cement with an eye bolt sticking out of the
top). Then there were pangas, divers
and then cisterns.  This was by no means a professional salvage
operation and there was damage to one of her masts but they did it!! I am
truly amazed. They tied those
cisterns to her starboard side, put
pile-ons through her open ports and
pumped the water out while
tugging on her masts with a two truck!

Only in Mexico!!

Still loving my Diggs!

Christmas came and Jasdip was decorated!

It was quite cozy for me!

The Marina makes a great home base 

Jasdip in her spot
This happy face reminds me of my friend Ellen!
Every color of bouganvilla (sp?) in one row!


    Well I published that post without
adding the rest of the usual suspects
so here we are!!

Jim (Kanga), Ken (Bungee)

Miss Molly

    This was my 
Jeff, Anne (Outrider) Rob, Karen.(China Doll)

last party for 
a few days! 
I had to go
underground and rest.
The "do not disturb" sign
was hung and I hibernated!  
It was glorious and I 
was renewed!!!!

More opportunities to gain weight and add to the cholesterol levels!

Windy as Heck!
  Christmas and New Year encompass
a potentially very bad time for our
bodies. There were more parties and
more great food. Dock 4 had a Christmas gathering at Marina
Palmira. It was so windy that day
(25-30 knots) that a few folks asked
the marina manager if there was a
place we could have it that was
slightly sheltered. He replied with
of course and took them to one of the

vacant offices.  That was great! So we had a great time and it was warm!!
  After the party Rob and Karen from
SV/China Doll, fellow Passporters, came to Jasdip and we had a great
visit and dinner.
The party consisted of many of the
usual suspects and a few new ones
as well. It is too much work keeping
up with all this celebrating. Next year
I am going to have to start training
in October!!!
Miss Ana

Miss Judy

Jeff and Darryl
We had to persevere.