Thursday, October 3, 2013

Then it was May and now it is June!!

  I guess I am woefully behind again.  May was fun  but things started to go
wrong.  Like the Water maker and the Generator.  The switch to the water maker
needed to be re soldered but the generator still has it's problem with the fuel.
It just seems to be not getting enough fuel.  There is a leak somewhere and it is sucking air.  My rudder post seems to be leaking a bit too much for comfort as
it is triggering the bilge pump at least one a day.  That is too much. I decided to head to Escondito to have her hauled out and check or repack the rudder post.
Also repack the shaft packing.  Don't remember when the last  time it was done
but I am sure it was Danno and it probably was a long time ago.  So
I was a Nervous Nelli about anyone up here pulling my boat out of the water but
the crane operator (Raphaeal) was very good and very professional and
got her out without dropping her.  That was good.  Next.