Sunday, December 30, 2012

My Life is almost always out of my pictures!

Farmer's Market
Around the first of April after  I
picked up Sue ( from Australia) we
headed out to do a few errands.
First the Farmer's Market for
organic veggies from Kale
and bread from Les the Baker.
Then  coffee from the local coffee place. I think they roast it there.

It is still warm when you get it!


     We also wanted to hit the
ATM so I parked and stayed in
the car.  That was OK. After a couple of minutes I decided that maybe I should get some cash too.  So I locked the car
and headed out. I really was gone
for only 4 minutes.  I guess I hadn't
differentiated the wheel chair access
parking from the regular.  I swear that blue line was on the other space!
Well not according to the foot cop.
Tempting jail again......we definitely
had a language barrier but I was
so enthusiastic that I got out my
map and put in on the hood to
try and find out what I was to do and
where I was to go....well.....she
finally got tired of trying to explain to me and couldn't reach anyone on her patrol who spoke
English so she told me to get out of
there.  I complies with a Thank you
Very Much!!! I learned my lesson!!
    Then it was off to Terry Carpenter's.
He is a very good diesel mechanic
and is the man who removed, rebuilt
and replaced my transmission for
Peanuts!! And  I mean peanuts!
His place is a treasure trove of
parts and I was mesmerized while
he tried to find me a cam for my
spare water pump. There was no joy
finding the cam but he did explain the bronze ring around some of the
pumps and why I don't need them! Finally!!
I seriously think he knows where
everything is!!
   So we finished our errands and
planned to head out the next day.
A great time was had and I miss my
buddy Sue and hope she comes back

But Terri what the heck is this for and why is it on my water pump???

Sue at the helm! What a great sailor she is!

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Next! Laura's Visit

  My next visitor was from North
Carolina. She was one of the folks
who helped me keep my sanity after
I moved to the Bay Area. Laura has
has a time share at the Azule in
San Jose Del Cabo. That was
our first stop. Wow what a place!!
The pics tell it all.....
First Glimpse Pacific
Margaritas anyone??

   We ate, drank, shopped, swam,
went to  the gym and rested.
It was a wonderful two days
or ...was it three...who can
remember....they seem to just
blend into one another....
Laura fit right in

On the pool side BEDS???

"Qvick a cushion for my feet!!!"

Cabo San Lucas Marina

Todos Santos
Well these pictures are
all out of order and I am afraid I
can't quite get them to behave
so you get what you get. I will
work on that.

La Paz Centro Beach

I decided Laura was comfortable from the start!!

  I guess I did not know that
Laura wasn't much of a water
person. She could have fooled
me.  I guess it just looks too
inviting. She even got the
drink holder down after a few
Laura Grasping the finer points of Noodling

The "Peanut Gallery"

Never a lack of things to do

Bird Watching 

Tequila Tasting

More Tequila tasting

I think we have a Winner!!

Cabo Marina Shopping
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Listening to Mariachi Bands, real ones and those in our heads....

Totally Mastered, drink and all

As if that weren't enough there is hiking, too!
Jasdip (farthest boat on the left)

Dos Amigos

Laura at the helm! Scary eh///

Checking if the one she bought was good!
Cooking and smiling....there was lots of that!!
Smiling I mean......

Shopping in La Paz and checking out the sights

Still in search of the "Perfect Margarita".
More tequila tasting....

   By the way Laura......I now
know how to make "the Perfect
Margarita". Next time!!!!

Can't believe she made it home with those trays!!!

Sunset from the top of the 7 Crowns hotel
Found a great breakfast place. Lot's of atmosphere and good food!!

Todos Santos

Alas we were forced to return to the Azule for the last days of  the trip...Laura was waiting for a massage....

Found a Great Lobster Place
I know I felt truly pampered by my friend!!

   Adios mi amiga....until the next time.
I can hardly wait!!!