Friday, February 25, 2011

Preparations for and Lisa's Arrival

Hot tub and infinity pool and wine
Most of the week before Lisa's arrival I had
Bronchitis and was trying to recover. Luckily
I did.  Just in time to welcome two wonderful
Friends from Colorado.  They had been in
San Jose Del Cabo (SJC)  staying just above
the Marina where Jasdip and I spent a couple of weeks. They were staying in one of Klaudia's
client's home.  When I was well on Monday, she and Jane drove to La Paz for a visit. We had a great time and of course they wanted margaritas so guess where we
wound up?  La Costa.  The BEST margaritas in
Mexico.  Good food too.
The folks here are starting to Love me!I feel so welcome!
  We sat in the sand and ate, laughed and drank.
Then the girls took off back to SJC.
  Tuesday I picked up a rental car to take to
SJC the next day and fetch Lisa.  I was a bit nervous
at first driving in MX but I hate being afraid of anything so I persevered.  I now don't mind it and actually rather like it (except at night).
  The rest of that day I was able to do errands
and best of shopping with
no one waiting for me.  I must have spent
3 hours in Chedraui.  It was a gift.  I bumped into
Kathy on Wild Rose and offered her a ride home
with her groceries as long as she had no  time
frame.  We finished up and wound up at
Lisa enjpying the sunset from the rooftop deck
El Corazon for a snack and a glas of wine.
  Back to our respective boats.  I was still
getting ready for my company.
  Next morning I left in plenty of time and sat
at Terminal One waiting. There was no sign of a
flight from Los Angeles.I talked to a woman there
who explained that if it was Alaska that she might
be coming in at Terminal Two.  Terminal Two????
Didn't even know there was a Terminal Two.
Hightailed it to Terminal Two and low and
behold there was the flight from LA.  Thirty minutes
later Lis came out through customs! After the
reunion we decided it was too late to
drive back to La Paz so we decended on

the home Klaudia and Jane were staying in  (We were actually invited).
   Wow we felt we had just landed in Conde Naste
Travel Mag.  We sat in the hot tub,drank wine, watched the sunset, swam in the infinity pool
we cooked ourselves a Five Star Meal.
What is not to like!  It was the perfect start
to a two week visit.

Our Fantastic Dinner. Girlfriends!
   This was Jane's "room".  It is really a separate
casita with a courtyard.
It was with much difficulty that we pried ourselves
out the door and home.

Famous (Infamous) in Mazatlan

Funny....I just got a note from our Captain on Outrider to inform me that we were finally discovered
while having Shrimp at Bruja's.  Check out the URL then go to page 87. Will wonders never cease!  

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Long Time

    To Mazatlan!  On Outrider a Westsail 42.
To my right is the Ship's Mascot Perkins.
He took his watches only when there was food
involved.  By the time we made it to
Mazatlan he actually let me pet him.
  Then there was the Captain and the Admiral.
Two great new friends from Marina
Palmira. They were my neighbors
and they were great.  Jeff is quite the
raconteur, a great Captain and knows a heck of a lot about boats and other things too.  Ann is a great musician, artist, photographer and writer
(published even). Plus a great, caring fun loving new friend that I do miss.
  Then there is Ken.  Well...Ken if you are
reading this  I am just kidding.  We had a great time
sharing the Saloon for two weeks.  He put up with my snoring until I finally gave him a pair of
earplugs. All in all it was a great time and a
great bunch of folks.
  On the trip over we saw lots of turtles and other
creatures of the sea. The turtles could often be
recognized by the Birds on their backs seemingly
sitting on a rock.  The birds rested on the backs
of the turtles
that had surfaced for air and sun.
   It was on the crossing that we celebrated Ken's
birthday.  It was a surprise and he had to bring
his own cheesecake.  Candles were involved
and singing and only one beer cause it was
during our crossing.  Indeed we did make up for it once we arrived in Mazatlan!
   When we arrived it was foggy and not a comfortable tide for Jeff to go in past the
breakwater so we anchored near one of the
Islands just off the City where it just so happens
the sun was shining. I think it was the only
place there was sun.  Maz was engulfed in fog for several days.  Very odd.  Thought I had left San Francisco.

   We went to the Giant Mercado in Mazatlan.
Boy what an experience.  Note the meat
stall to the right.  I think the pig whose nose
is sticking up from the cooler in the middle
is not too happy.  The folks use every part of
the animals here and don't waste any part.
It is really amazing to see the entire cow and
watch them cut the specific piece asked for from
animal.  I think I am on my way to vegetarianism.
I thought so before but I think it is  coming again.
It would take hours to cruise the entire market.
I lost everyone and also wound up buying the
coolest pants.  Probably paid too much but the
woman was an amazing saleswoman
and I could not refuse her.
   The next two pictures are out of order,  The bottom one is a typical square in Mazatlan.Or for that matter
in any city here.  Maz has many and they are all quite
pretty.  The mask is from a group of families who have formed a  Co-op of artists and have a gallery in
Mazatlan.  This is from Nidart.  I wasn't going to buy it only take a picture but I couldn't help myself.
It is now hanging on Jasdip.  It is a goatskin Masquerade Party Mask.  I fell in love with it.
This is actually the last picture my camera took.
The lense did not take another one again.
The camera is now on it's way back to the
factory hopefully to be repaired.  It was
still under warranty so I have my fingers
     Ken and I were supposed to catch the ferry
back to La Paz.  It has been running for oh....
about 20 years or so.  What we didn't know
was that while we were crossing the Sea of Cortez
they decided to change the ferry.  It no longer left
from Mazatlan.  Ken and I tried everything and
we finally decided to take VivoAerobus (a plane)
back.  It only flies Mon and Fri so we got tickets and
informed the Captain and the Admiral that they were
stuck with us for another 4 days whether they liked it or not.  They were great and we continued to have a wonderful time in  Mazatlan with out great friends.