Friday, April 13, 2012

   I got back to La Paz and started to
get Jasdip ready for Jimmy.  He was
supposed to arrive on Monday
evening but his plane was delayed in
LA for 5 hours and missed the bus
from Cabo to La Paz.  Did not hear
from him till the next day when he
suddenly appeared at my boat. I knew
he could take care of himself and it isn't a very big town.  We had a great reunion and visited folks on the dock
consuming wine and rum as we went.
  Then there was the prerequisite
provisioning. Always an adventure.
Of course we had way too much but
it is always good to have extra.  Next day we headed out early ( not!) like a
"Herd of turtles"! First stop...Calita
Partida.  Very nice and we got a good
spot out of the waves.  We certainly
did eat and drink well this trip.
   Jimmy is a great crew!  He is full
of wonderful tidbits of information
and he likes to stay busy so he was constantly fixing things. By the time
we got back I really felt like the boat
had been spiffed up yet again.
   Mr Jimmy  coined a new phrase while he was here. It is JASDIM!
Just another "swell" day in Mexico.
He told me he wanted to swim with
the fishes like he had years ago.
So we went searching for a good
snorkel spot.  It had been getting
warmer and warmer and we were
all thinking that spring had arrived. It was warm but the water was still not warm
enough for me.  As you can see....Jimmy did decided to go in and realized after the fact that his swim trunks are a bit too large.  Luckily I was there with the camera.
Oops I was supposed to let folks guess! Oh well.....sorry Jimmy........
  As far as I can tell Jim seemed to make himself very comfortable.  He was also
very polite about the pipe smoke!  He even went into the dinghy one night to smoke because the wind was just not cooperating.  Wish I  had a picture of that!

   Finally found a great spot for snorkeling.  Jim donned one of my wet suits
and went in. I was thoroughly amazed. However he reminded me that he had
just come from rain, wind and cold and he was loving it.
    As much as I did not want to head back to La Paz I had to because I had another
friend coming in in a couple of days. When we got back we met up with
 Ana for lunch and got to catch up.
  As it turned out Art and Jaye came back from their foray up into the Sea just in time to make the "Jimmy hand off!".  He was required to leave
Jasdip but then was welcomed on
Arione.  Just because he left the
boat didn't mean he stopped working
on her.  The next day he was over
installing one of my dinghy "drink holders" that Sharon gave me last
year on my visit to Denver.
  Anyway it was a fabulous visit and
I learned so much from that
"Old Salt" and had such a good time
that he can even come back
to visit if he wants to, Carte
Blanche...... It was great and I
missed him as soon as he left.
He did come by the next morning
just to say good morning cause
we both enjoyed having someone
(besides a cat in his cast) to wake
up to!