Saturday, January 15, 2011

A Day In The Life

I covet this bike
  Well it has quieted down here a great
deal. Art and Jaye of Arione have been
nice enough to let me borrow one
of their folding bicycles.  They have
really cool ones.  I have been having a
great time riding around town and
getting to know La Paz. It just doesn't
seem very big when you have a bike
but very big when you
are walking.

Too Fun

Quanto Questa?
My feet have always
been the pits so I have have been trying
to break them in to walking and many
blisters, shoes and moleskin by the yard I am
now able to walk quite a bit.
was never about the exercise I love that.
It was always about my feet hurting.
   On one of my outings the other day
I found this beautiful house with the
most beautiful stained glass window.
I executed an immediate U turn (it wasn't
pretty) in front of about 8 Mexican
construction workers taking a break
Ever Present Lovelies
and almost ran into them.  I was laughing
and making noises and they were just laughing
and shaking their heads. "Crazy Gringo
Lady".  We all smiled and I managed not
to hurt myself or any of them and got a few
pictures to boot.  On that same ride I
found a great little coffee shop that has
latte's, espresso and also organic medium
roast coffee beans from Veracruz.  I
bought some to try and it is the best I have
found in Mexico!  I am so happy because
  Did I mention that the Norther has left us
and it is around 80 and sunny again?  I was
getting worried about the weather for when
Might even be warm enough to get in.
Lisa visits but I now know that it comes
and goes and it will probably
be very nice when she gets here in Feb.
   Meanwhile....back at the "ranch" I checked
out the pool again and this time I found
a hot tub!  Will wonders never cease.
It is such a beautiful Grotto like affair.
There is also a huge bird cage with parakeets
galore and even a few Java Temple birds.
Haven't seen one of them since I owned one
when I was 7.

I followed the sounds

   I had been told that some of the
ladies on the docks get together for
coffee every Wed. I decided I would head up
and say hi and meet them.  When I got
there they were playing dominoes so I
sat and met everyone, had a bit of
coffee and headed back to the boat.
Very nice folks but the coffee is much
better on Jasdip except for the fact
that you don't have to make it

Ladies Coffee


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Post Christmas


Oralia and Ana

Christmas on the Beach

Another Group Feast
 Christmas day
 we all piled into Steve and
Ana's two cars and headed to the
beach. Our first stop was Balandra which
is a very beautiful place.  It was also a very
popular place and was packed.
So we drove down the road to Tecolote.
Another beach out towards the Islands in
the Sea of Cortez  east of La Paz.  Tecolote
has a view of Isla Espiritu Santo. It was a
beautiful day and there was very little wind.
I had my first Chocolate Clam!  Boy those
critters are good. As usual there was laughter,
beers, a bit of wine and some getting
   Headed home for a delicious filet minion roast
Doug cooked. And a gift swapping.  I must
say I was once again not prepared!  I am
not good at that.  Carla did receive an
unusual but handy Gift from Karen which will
come in handy this summer I am sure.  It is
a decorative Ice pack to be worn in the
cleavage for keeping one "cool as a cucumber".

Carla modeled it but I hesitated and then my opportunity was gone.

  La Costa is one of our favorite hang outs.
The food is good and the margaritas are GREAT!
Even I like them!! And soooooo consistent.
They were so good that those guys
convinced me to take Jasdip to the Islands
for New Years. We packed up food and drink
and Hotel California, Odyssey, Coral Rose
and Jasdip headed out.
    The first night I anchored a bit out in the
middle of the bay so we were forced to suffer a bit of wave action that night.
Next morning I moved and tucked in closer to the
Shore so New Years Eve was windy but not
New Years Day

  bouncy.  We did the "Chicken Dance" on the beach to bring in the new year and motored home.
My jib still wasn't fixed.
   The boat is getting back together and things are getting done.  There were a several days of
rather cool cloudy weather and I was getting
worried but the sun has returned and all is
well with the world.
   My jib is fixed and I will put it up as soon as the wind stops blowing. It has been blowing about
20knots today in the marina and there are white caps
and breaking waves out in the Bay.
Caleta Partida
  I was sorry to see Karen and Tim leave.  We had

such a good time.  It was like old times at Gate
   Now it is a New Year and back to boat projects.
More about those later.