Tuesday, September 28, 2010

"OY" What a Day I Had Today

Where's Danno, he shoulod see the messes I make now!

My " Rube Goldberg".  Who was he anyway?

Much Better

   Wow....Have I been working hard all day!  I have really earned this Bombay and Tonic that I
am drinking right now.  As you can see the jib now looks normal.  Yeah!! And..no rats nest any more.  It took a bit of time to think things through
and it is nice to have the time to do that without
anyone looking over your shoulder.  As Dan and Ben always say "It ain't Rocket Science". 
I must admit it took me several tries and lots of do overs as I learned what I needed to know.  I also
felt that I needed to add another block to the lead cause it was supposed to be 90 Deg. and it didn't look like that to me.  A bit of a "Rube Goldberg"
affair, with a hose clamp and a schakle but heck it
seems to work.
   The drum (roller bearings)got some WD40 and it looks
clean as a whistle too.

   Next project for the day was to change
from the little motor to the big motor.
Well my spirits were lifted by fixing the
Jib but they were not to remainj high
for long. 
  There were more and more dinghies making wakes as the time went on so I thought I would
at least try to get it off the dinghy.
  Well.....I followed procedure (my procedure gets more and more specific every time), tied the engine to a line and waited between wakes.  As I lifted the engine something came out of nowhere and YEP, you guessed it, back in the water again
engine and all!  At least this time it was warm and my ladder was right there.  Well I pulled up my little engine and went to work.  I soaked, doused and cleaned that thing with fresh water as best I could.  Took off the covers, put more WD40 on it. All the gas ports were sealed and the vent was not open.  Well It didn't start after a long time so I will keep trying.  I will look up how to take the carborator apart to see if there is water in there.
At least there was no phone or camera in any pockets, the engine was tied to the boat and I
had not yet taken a shower.  It actually felt
good to get wet.
  Then after revising my procedure yet again I
very carefully, lifted the big engine down
to the dinghy.  This actually went very well.  With my track record I was nervous.
 She started up right away and I now have a
faster mode of transportation.  Just hope
I didn't ruin the little motor.

  I finally finished just in time to take a shower
and head over to Lori and Tom's boat for Dinner.
Lori made us Pasta (ummm), foccia bread (double
ummm) and lemon merange pie for desert.

Note:  I am having a heck of a time getting the pics where I want them and the writing where I
want it so bear with me.

  It is a very small world out here.  Yeterday a couple came by to say hi and it turned out it was Elaine and Jamie. Elaine was at the Harbor Masters office before Linda and Sondra.  They know Ana and Steve, Barry, Ann, Trish, Derrick, goodness
and so many more folks.  Turns out Elaine is the Harbormaster at Cabrillio Island Marina in San Diego.  I met Elaine in 1997 when we first moved to gate nine with the Catalina 22.  I tell ya.........

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Warm at Last

Finally made it to Catalina and warm weather
am so glad!  Anchored off Two Harbors between
Cherry Cove and Fourth of July Cove in 80 ft of
the clearest water I have seen in a while.  Thank
Goodness for my Rocna Anchor!!!!! That thing holds in anything. 
   Had a bit of trouble rolling up the jib on the way in.  As you can see from the photo below.  I tried it several times doing slightly different stuff but it didn't want to cooperate. I decided I should quit while I was ahead and wait till I got to Catalina before I futzed with it more.  Good thing too. 
 As you can seee from the picture.  Guess I  will get

A real rats nest!

Fastened in Place
up early tomorrow and try to fix it when there is no wind and no waves from all the dinghies going by.  Tomorrow is Monday and I am hoping the place will clear out a bit. Then if I have to take the sail down I will but I am going to try to "fix in place" if possible first.  I did pick a rather rolly spot and a rather busy spot.  Guess there is no lack of entertainment in this location.  It is like a Sunday Parade out there with all the folks going to and from the dock from 9am till probably 11pm.  Very different from previous places.  Got to love it all. I am afraid that most dinghy operators don't understand the "planing "effect or the "go slow not to make big wakes if one can't plane" effect. Oh well.....
   Tom and Lori are here still on a mooring bouy but will move to Little Fisherman'x Cove to anchor today. Tired of paying the Mooring fees.  I must admit since I left (with the exception of my glasses, phone and camera $$$$$$$$$)(a big exception) I haven't been able to spend any money.  Guess that is a good thing.
   Got the dinghy in the water yesterday with the help of my Winchrite (photo below) and then decided it was too choppy to put the big 15 horse engine on so I let loose with my 2 horse (thanks to Ben,Chuck and Willy Warner) a 19lb motor that I can handle with one arm!  That little motor started right up first time!  I had to fill the gas tank the old fashioned way though with a cup and a funnel.  I tried
2 horse power motor

to use the "Safe Lid Gas Container" but I spilled gass all over and gave up.  I hate those things!!!
    The Winchrite has been great.  It is so helpful for getting the dinghy down and putting up the main sail.  I am so glad I have it.  The shoulder is getting better little by little. 
Guess I am going for a dinghy ride!!

The Winchrite My extra hand

Friday, September 24, 2010

Waiting it out in Smugglers

 Well I was pretty happy to see Smugglers Cove
even if it was only slightly and only for 30 min.  Cause
the fog decended right after I got there and one could see NADA.  Tuesday evening I had lots of company one boat was "Just In Time".  That was Casey from San Francisco.  I heard Rocky barking first and then popped up to say hi.  We had a few really nice visits.  I am in love with Rocky.  I might just have to get a Dog. Casey also showed me his new Satellite Phone.  Guess that might be in the cards for me.
 This photo of Anacapa is for Mark and Joyce.  We didn't make it out there but the moon coming over the island was just spectacular. It was wonderful being by myself.  I didn't have too many distractions and actually did several shoulder excercises.  It really helps! What a concept.
 Well I stayed at Smugglers for 4 days cause of Gale force winds etc, etc, etc.  I shot a picture of the amp meters for the wind gernerator and the solar panels.  It was 5pm and the wind was picking up as the sun was going down.  Later that night I had up to 30 on that wind meter (the bottom one).  Didn't mind the noise there was so much of it that it was all "white" noise.
  The next shot is also for Mark and Joyce.  Anacapa is a very beautiful island and I am sorry we didn't make it but it would have taken us forever.
Pluss the winds and waves that day were very snotty.  I think there was a small craft advisory out for the area. 
  I almost hated to say good bye to Smugglers.  I
really enjoy the being there.  I hope to get better at the getting there.  Anchored in Two Harbors and I hope the anchor is set.  Been watching it for the last 2 hours and it seems to be pretty good.  Guess I will try to get some sleep. Until tomorrow.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Channel Islands Still

Still here in this beautiful place.  More wonderful dinners with friends and a surprise visit from folks from San Francisco.We took JASDIP out for a spin today with Joyce, Mark, Tom and Judy. The Kitty (Gene) stayed home. Headed for Anacapa but it was a bit rough and we turned around and decided to head back and have our picnic at the dock.  Another great day.
  I met some folks here Rick and Trina.  We were chatting about boats and in particular, about my Rocna anchor and he mentioned someone named Casey who had one just like mine and swore by it. As a matter of fact he was usually in the slip that I currently occupied.  I said "Does he work for West Marine?" Rick said yes and I actually knew who he was talking about.  Not 5 minutes later another sailboat showed up and it was Casey, Judy and Rocky (the pup).  What a small world!
  Mark was cold but a good time was had by all. It was so hard to say goodbye to the Linnetts but I guess it had to happen sooner or later.
  After our late lunch, wine and sunning they all left.
I went next door to talk to Casey and Judy.  They were full of good advice about the Channel Islands and Casey even had an extra weight belt I could get if I wanted.  Now I have equipment to dive on the
Prop or the rudder should anything happen to stuff below the water line.  I truly hope that doesn't happen ever or at least not until the water is warmer!

Tomorrow I will head to Smugglers cove on Santa Cruz Island or perhaps Two Harbors on Catalina Not quite sure yet. Only time will tell.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Channel Islands Harbor

I was met by my dear friend Joyce. We had champagne and 
Joyce put her bike on the boat and drove us to my 
slip.  It was then that I realized my transportation would  be by bike.  I think I might have to get one of those fold-able things. Today we rode to Port Hueneme and back so all cocktails and dinner will be earned.  I ordered replacement glasses that should meet me in San Diego.  I procured a new camera (Steve it is 10x zoom) that is not waterproof but Ben got me snack size zip locks and everything will go in them from now on. My temporary phone is supposed to be here NOW! Joyce is here talking to a fisherman, she has never met a stranger.  I can relate.
   I am staying with two former restaurant owners and gourmet chefs.  I am suffering so badly.  We had a "crappy" dinner with my future real estate agent and his wife (who happens to be a CERTIFIED financial planner among other great items). There is always something going on around the Linnetts.  We are going sailing on Saturday with J,M, two other friends.
I actually am looking forward to that.
  Sunday will be the Farmer's Market and Monday I leave.  To where you say?  I don't know yet......maybe Catalina, maybe San Diego.....who the heck knows.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Half Moon Bay

Finally, I "got out of Dodge".  Not without a lot of help from my friends though.  Nervous? Not too bad cause this was an annual trip for Gate 11 and the Passport Owners Association (POA). I arrived and rafted up with several other Passports.  It was a weekend of Partying that was for sure. There was the goodbye party (sniff)  from my POA friends.  With Cake and all.  Everyone had blue teeth. Then the Gate 11 Beach party !  And the Yacht Club BBQ with live music and dancing.

Then of course                                                    
there was the requisite "Dinghy
Incident". Fatalities included the phone, the camera and my  good glasses. Those were the 3 things I was most worried about. Well the universe reminded me once again that it is just material stuff and it aint the end of the world. So I got that 
over with in "one swell foop".
  After everyone left I rested for a day and prepared for my next hop to San Simeon.  Nervous? You betcha!  Off I went.  Got to San Simeon around 11am
anchored and slept.  What a beautiful place.  No pictures, no camera, no phone too bad.
  Left the next day 7am for Channel Islands Harbor.  Arrived after 28hours in the fog to one of the prettiest harbors I have ever seen.  
  Joyce rode her bike to the Jasdip to welcome me and we shared some VERY cold champagne.