Saturday, June 25, 2011

In Between Visits

Pamela & Paul from Tug Tub
     Well there was the great fun I had with Pamela and Paul. They returned the end of May and we were supposed to meet up and travel North into the Sea.
Alas I was having problems with my instruments
and wanted them to be fixed before I left so I
got behind.  In retrospect I should have left.
I would probably have all my instruments except
GPS.  Now I have GPS but nothing else!!
Oh well.  Finally got in touch with them just as they were leaving for San Carlos to put their boat on the
hard for the summer.  Alas, our visiting will have to
wait until next year.
Richard and Carol on Vela
   Then Romaine, Christy and Dave came down to La Paz.  They had signed up for a Kayak trip around
Isla Ispiritu Santos.  The outfit that they signed up with is just a block from Marina Palmira so I got to see them and hang for a bit.  Their schedule was
tight so not much time but any time is better than no time.  They  had a pretty good trip but there was a
Norther that blew through and made wind and waves and made for hard kayaking.
    Met a great couple on the sailboat Vela.  They are from Oregon and are just the greatest folks.  We were neighbors for quite some time and had many a
One of my favorite pictures of Steve and Ana
happy hour and dinner together.  Carol  and I were
frequent visitors to the pool as it was getting very
hot. Alas the co-owner of the boat wanted her to be in San Diego for the summer so Fletch and Richard headed around to Cabo San Lucas and waited for a weather window to go North.  They tried twice but it was just too nasty so they turned
back.  Last I heard.....Richard went home to OR and Fletch was going to bring Vela back to La Paz.
Haven't heard yet.
    There were lots of parties, especially if you know Steve and Ana.  They were always getting invited
to them and I got to tag along.  Got to meet many folks that way and it was always a great party.
Crit, Ardy and Ana
   Then there were "Girls" luncheons. This one was
Dinner and Dominoes aboard Momo
a great lunch at La Marmollera. The food was
GREAT and the price was even better.  
     One evening I was invited over to
SV/Momo for dinner and dominoes. Beverly
and Dick were there as well.  Beverly and
Dick had been cruising for 13 years and have
been around the world at least once maybe
twice. Dick is a very funny guy and between that and Bruno's English (he occasionally needs some translation help from Ivonne) it was a rollicking game of dominoes and we all laughed almost too much.
Did I mention the dinner was fabulous!

A Yogurt Trip

     Did I mention the new Yogurt place on the
Malecon in La Paz?  Well there were a few trips to
get yogurt in there as well.  My mouth is now watering for some and I think it might be the first 
place I hit when I return.  Dave and I really loved it.
    Speaking of Dave (from SV/Free Spirit) he has a truck AND he just got his air conditioning fixed in it!!
He has given me many a ride to the store or Lopez Marine for boat parts and food.  He likes to take road trips as well and I was the recipient of that as
well.  One day we went to Triumpho. It is a beautiful little city on the way to Cabo.  We looked at the 
Triumpho Cafe
Hand laid stones and brick 
architecture and
we also took a hike to the old gold smelter in the
back of the restaurant.

Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil.

It is a very cute, quaint town. The cafe had
fresh baked bread for sale and what looked like
great food however it might take two days to get
a sandwich and three for a Pizza.   Oh well......
next time.

Dave in front of Mr Harley Davidson's house on Harley Street
Gold Smelter Plant and Triumpho Cafe in the Foreground
Beautiful Brick Wood fired Pizza Oven
Mexican " Fuller Brush Man"
Dave trying to get an artistic shot up the chimney!

Reward for a hard day of playing tourist!

Friday, June 17, 2011

David Foy came to town!

   Well David Foy decided to come
for a visit.  First thing we had to do
was provision. Anyone who knows David knows he likes his wine.
In retrospect I should have given
him the Boxed Vino Blanca Seca.
It is not too bad if it is real cold.
Of course everything is an adventure
including shopping.
  We decided to wander in town
and play tourist. It was really just
a ruse.  We did however see
this great little hotel in the
middle of town.  Very cute and
lots of things collected and hanging
around. I think it is
not very pricey
and is in the
center of it all. If one likes
to be in the center.
I for one look for fairly
quiet,white sandy beaches and clear,
clear water.  David however
likes the people and the Night
Life.  It was a pity.  There was
no festival or carnival going on
so there isn't much night life and
very little live music.  I do
confess that he tried.  His efforts were
no less than heroic. Alas he was stuck with Moi.
   During our
tourist time Dave was
also trying to find the perfect sangria.
This one was pretty but not
very effective.
  I think we wandered around and then
decided to go out to eat.  Dave took
us to El Patron. I had never been there
and the food was supposed to be
very good.  The Martini's were good and the wine was excellent.
The place got Five stars for location, setting and view.  My fish was
Pargo and it was pretty good.
  Time to head home.  I am an
early bird and Dave a night owl. We did well.  We both tried to adjust our sleep habits

as much as we could.
   Headed out in the boat not
planning to go anywhere but out for
a bit and wound up going to
Bahia San Gabriel on Isla Ispiratu
Santos.  Didn't have a dinghy cause
we weren't planning this but it turned
out to be quite a bonus.
  It was very pretty and close to
La Paz .  There was a Frigate
rookery on the island and the babies
had hatched a bit ago so the
birds were a bit territorial. I blew up
my kayak and took a trip to get a
Sushi at an Italian place.
closer look.  Very cool.
  It was a nice trip and we stayed two
days then headed home. I think we actually might have sailed a bit.
   When we returned Dave took
me to a place I had been wanting
to go. It was sort of a Birthday dinner
I think. It was Italian (in Mexico) and they even had sushi as an appetizer!
Amazing! Anyway we tried the sushi and it was great but the best thing was
the buffalo (besides the whine of was yummy).  The chef and
his staff do a great job and one is treated like a queen or king.  The
piano player was also very, very
good.  Well we had a good time
and actually made it for the whole
week without killing each other..  Then fare well to Mr Foy.
The Lagoon at Bahia San Gabriel
Perhaps he will bring Manana
to Mexico someday! It sure is

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Back To San Francisco (briefly)

    Had to go back to SF to renew my drivers
licence.  Thought I could do it on line
but I guess I had been doing it that way
and now they wanted to see just how decrepit
I had gotten over those years.  The woman
behind the counter was fabulous but she
couldn't take Pesos or a credit card. I had
to go in search of an ATM. Got some
cash and headed back to the DMV and
she let me cut right in.  As I said she was a
Saint but she told me I had better wear my
glasses when driving as I had failed the
eye test miserably.
    Dave and Cati let me bunk with the
Tripster and it felt like home. Had a great
BBQ with Neil and Marion and group
over at Neils shop. Visited the Gang at
Gate 11 and off to Martinez to hang with
Joyce and Mark for a few days.
   Boy those guys can cook. I never get to
eat like that on a regular basis. It was so good to
see those guys.
       Apparently I had timed my trip to coincide with
                                                                                          the Strictly Sail Oakland Boat Show.  What a
Yoshi and Crit with my new scissors!!!

Ben and Casey
                                                                                            coupe.  I made a date with Ben to go to the Boat show on Friday.  I think I saw everyone else  I know
in the Bay area at the show over the next two days.
Got a few cool items and saw Casey again a fellow
cruiser who is waiting for his wife to retire to go with him.  Casey I hope Judy stops soon so you can enjoy this together more often.  The next day I headed over there with David Foy.  We had a good time and I
got to see most of the Passport folks. This was a whirlwind trip with lots of business added to it so I
tried to get the business out of the way first so I
Joy and Lynne and the new addition to the family.

wouldn't have to fret as time got short.  I did see

my financial guy, got my teeth cleaned and a
crown re-glued. Told  him to use the good glue this
time. Picked up my mail and all the stuff I had ordered through Amazon, etc. and had mailed to
my address. I also had to do some shopping. There are always things we need down here that you just can't find here. I came with two suitcases one inside the other and went home with 2 suitcases filled to the brim and a rolling backpack full as well.
    While I was in Alameda I of course had to have my hair cut and highlighted.  I headed to Yoshi's
establishment.  It was great to see those folks and
of course he did a fabulous job on my hair.  I told him I was cutting hair in MX and it was coming out ok. But that I didn't have a good pair of scissors and asked him where he thought I could get a pair.  He Promptly went back to his office and care out with
a pair of really good scissors and gave them to me!!!
I wanted to at least buy them but he said "No!" they are a gift. I was thrilled.  Now it is time to cut my own hair and at leasts I have a good pair of scissors. Yoshi is the best!!
     Well it was then time to head home. I knew I would be back so I wasn't too sad.  I caught the
plane to San Jose Del Cabo then the bus to La Paz
                                                                                       where  Jasdip and my new bike were waiting
                                                                                       patiently for me.

PS I tried to get these photos in order but I gave up so it is what it is.  Life is constantly changing and I am trying to embrace it.  I hope you are all able to do the same. Love, Critter