Wednesday, February 20, 2013

      I flew to Colorado for
a quick visit.  In retrospect I  should have stayed longer but I can the
next time.  Debbie had made reservations at the Springs
in Pagosa Springs, CO.  I had
been there once before
during Ride the Rockies and
had always wanted to go
back.  We stayed at a hotel and Spa with
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27 different hot pools, all
different temperatures. It was
a very relaxing few days. We
originally planned to stay 2 days
but that turned into 3 or I think
maybe even 4 days.  It was just so
nice. The town had lots of
places to visit and really good
food.  The pools felt good on my
shoulder and Debbie left me alone
to do my exercises for which I am
grateful.  The exercising and
stretching necessary to
improve the function and strength
are probably the most boring
thing I have ever had to do in my
life!!!! It must really be painful
for anyone to even be near me and
have to see any of it!!!
    We went to Chimney Rock to see
it up close.  The aspens were turning
at that altitude and the scenery was

 The minerals in the water
left beautiful designs and deposits
on all the rocks.  There was a
very hot pool named "The Lobster
Pot" (118 deg) located right
by the River so one could
sit in the Pot for a while and then
jump into the cold mountain water.
I tried it but the pool in the river was
a bit shallow due to low runoff at
the time.

The water felt good on the shoulders and neck!

One of Deb's favorite pools.
The infamous Penguin Ice Bucket! (only $35.00)

Tool and trash art

Chimney Rock

   Very cool machine that wrings
out your swimsuit in 10 seconds!

The Aspens were beautiful!

Back to Denver and a quick visit with Eddie
  We got back to Denver, went to  visit Ed and Bob then it was time for
me to head back  to San Francisco.  I will return. Summer 2013!

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