Thursday, January 10, 2013

Summer 2012 (2)

     While still in Medford, OR.,
Diane and I went to one of my
favorite wineries.  It was a
Friday night and they had
music, food and of course,
wine.  Roxy Anne Winery
is very close to my house in
Medford. Besides having
some of the greatest Pino Gris
around, their location serves to provide
those of us with houses in the
area a beautiful view of hills
covered with grape vines
and pear trees!  So.....I love to
support them in any way I can!
for me that is buying and drinking
their wine!
  We met this couple who were
very nice. They came in a bit late
looking for chairs.  She had quite the
cane and was moving very slowly.
Diane and I were at a table with
extra seats so I got up and offered
them a seat at our table.  I couldn't
Diane, looking good!
bear to see them walk away because
they didn't have a place to sit.
She was quite the trooper. Dancing
with her honey even though she
could barely walk!  I was impressed.
She said she just
had to keep going and I admired
them both. Diane was the
designated driver and that
allowed me to have my fill of that
wonderful nectar of the Gods, wine.....
Visiting out by the Big Meadow Paula and Ron

Sad....but it was too late for him....
Lisa and Mark 
   Then it was off to visit Lisa and
Mark. The first gathering was
the outdoor kitchen at The Meadows.
My brother was on cooking detail
that evening and all the siblings
would be there.  Lisa and I
came early to help with the
preparations.  We were having
corn so a big pot of water was
started BUT we forgot to check
the pot and  the lid before so......
unfortunately there was one
fatality and yes we did start a a
new pot of water. Oops......
     I opened some wine and we
started to prep, drink and talk.
Someone had to be in the
kitchen area at all times
though for fire prevention
as well as food theft
prevention.   The deer are
ever present and they
aren't the least bit afraid
of anyone in The
Meadows.  They certainly do
have good taste though,I must say.

     Both Lisa's place and Mark and
Beth's place now boast a couple
of golf carts to get around with.
Actually they use their feet and
their bikes as well (as they
always have). But now they
have another option if it is late,
dark, wet or heavy.
I must say that it really has
been a boon to them and to
us visitors as well.  I hate to
admit it but I am getting older.
They do have good taste!
So that means that my sibs
are too. Sorry sibs....and as
much as exercise is good
for us all there are times that
hauling six bags of cement
in a wheelbarrow is not my idea
of fun. Or for that matter something
that I could even do.  Mark, Beth
and Lisa can if they need to but do
they really have to or want to?
 Now with a golf cart they don't need to!!!  Any way it is amazing how
much a golf cart holds!!!
Lurking for opportunity
We walked
But we didn't have to carry anything!!Yeah!!

 Dinner was served and boy
was it good! A lovely evening and
visit in a splendid place!

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