Sunday, January 27, 2013

Summer 2012 (3)

  I stayed around Takilma and
Cave Junction for another week
The Big Meadow

or so.  It was so great to be near 
my Bro (Mark) and Sista's (Lisa and Beth)
that is was really hard to leave when
the time came.
It was only made possible by 
the fact that I knew I would 
return in a month or so. 
    This is the Big Meadow where 
they planted fruit trees 30 years or so
ago and Mark has been grafting and
the folks have been caring for them
so that now they are amzing!

Corn (of course there is more but I am not the farmer)

  Mark and I spent a bit of time
picking stuff for meals and
basically eating our way through
their beautiful garden.  Those guys
really have organic farming down!
My favorite part of the garden
is the Blueberry Patch!!!
I don't remember how old
Mark and Beth told me it
was but it is amazing!

Mark in the Garden heading for the Blueberries

It is covered with a loose netting
keep the birds out and
has an electric fence powered
by solar to keep the bears out
but there is nothing that keeps
people out at least those who
reside there and their guests,aka
ME!  Picking is "a
few for the bucket and a
a handful for your mouth"!

Double Mmmmmmmmm........

   Then I headed over to Lisa's.
The Magic Forest Farm. As the sign says "Celebrating 40 Years of Magic"!
It really is Magic being there 
where everyone and everything 
seems to co-exist in relative 
harmony. This is one of the first structures I think.  It holds tools,
rototillers, wheelbarrows, 
freezers and also the recycling.
About once a month someone (they take
turns) goes to the recycling plant and
delivers anything they can't reuse.
I for one am amazed and there are 
pictures of how it is separated

As I said they coexist in relative harmony. Even Rattlers.
This one was under the propane tank.
Our Dinner, fresh corn, raspberry dressing, fresh greens
and of course Wine!
The Main House as viewed from the path to Lisa's
The Garden is to the right.
3 guesses?
Mark came to the MFF (Magic Forest
Farm) for dinner. The Garden in  the
The electric fence keeps the predators out!

Close up! No closer though.
Marko, Lisa and Crit

MFF Garden (part of it anywayt).
I really like the Chicken Coop. They are building a
new one behind the old one.
All is clearly labeled and everyone is diligent about it!!!
Don't know it you can read it but it is CLEAR if you are

  Well it was a wonderful visit but time to leave.  So I headed down the
state back to Alameda.  Headed for Colorado.  I shall return!!!

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