Wednesday, July 31, 2013

She's Back!


  After three and one half months in the Sea of Cortez I have finally
returned to
Marina Palmira.
I must confess it
feels like "home".  Most folks (cruisers)
have gone north to escape the heat and I am working toward that end myself but there are the usual suspects still here and it is good to see all of my amigos!  Reyna brought me fresh, ripe mangoes this
this morning. Chava is around
and will help me get Jasdip back in shape after here long hard trip up in the Sea. It is nice to get up
early and go off for a walk before the sun comes up and makes it almost impossible to be out in it.  Shade is my friend!!! I had a wonderful trip.  I really did do a lot of "working on my boat in beautiful places". I really have embraced
the saying "it will never be done".  So I am learning to get some stuff done and
then the fun starts.  This year the water is so clear that it was too much fun to leave.  Last year the water was green early and full of jelly fish so it was a good time to head north. I hope to get some of my pictures and my adventures posted here in the next two weeks or so. But for now......all is well and it was a great time.
Brown footed Boobies playing "king of the bowsprit"!

More turtles this year than I have ever seen!!!

Thanks goodness for the local "7 Eleven"!

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