Wednesday, June 5, 2013

April in the Sea

I finally left the dock with a
water maker.   I had a great trip north.
My second stop was Calita
Partida.  I found Shadowfax and
Philiosophy there.  It happened
to be my birthday when I found
them.  We decided to try for the
cave on the other side for an
outing. (Karen it was pretty
the weather was much better).
  We made it and they were
beautiful!!  While on the "road" we
opened a bottle of Champagne
that I had been saving for my
Bday!! Then we headed back and
continued the party on
Philiosophy, Shadowfax and
Jasdip!!  I had a wonderfull BD!
I slept late the next morning and
it was a great relaxing day in
Calita Partida. The next morning
Charles on Shadowfax had to go
back to La Paz so we had a couple of
Gin and Tonics to head him in the
correct direction.
Kim and Alice

 I was off the next day and wound up going to San Eviresto.  Had a great dinner with Reel Joy.  Then we were off to Agua Verde.  It was a long trip especially for me cause my engine started to overheat all of a sudden just as the wind died. I headed up on deck and made sure the sails were good ( I was sailing wing on wing
at about 3 knots so I  left all as it was and headed down below) with the auto pilot set.  I proceeded to try to find out what had caused it.  I took out the impeller(not the problem but by the time I  took it  out I needed to replace it).  I then cleaned the
raw water strainer for the main  engine....all was well.  I headed to the fresh water cooling system and the radiator fluid as I opened the engine compartment on that side and I saw a fan belt that was broken and
off the pully!!  Well there we have it.  I tried a couple of belts that I had and I realized that they were too short.  I found one that was used but I could get it on.
I had never done this and I was looking for Danno but he wasn't there. I got the old  one on,dropped the sails (2.3 knots) and turned on the engine.  All was good but it took me forever.  So I motored to Ague Verde and showed up very late but at least I showed up!!
      Had dinner on Real Joy again (those guys are great)!  I think  I spent a couple of days there and then went north.  Stopped at Marquer, my favorite place, but
the bees and the wind were a bit of a bother.  Voyager was in Puerto Balandra so I
headed up there. Balandra is about the best anchorage around. It is beautiful, clear,blue water, lots of places to kayak and snorkel and there is even internet!!!
The pictures that are on facebook are from Puerto Balandra.
Puerto Balandra

  I did a lot of swimming and kayaking and I had a wonderful time but alas..........
my generator stopped functioning.  No first I thought it was the switch (which it was) so Bill came over and soldered the switch back.  It worked but the Generator did not start.  It was time to replace or rebuild the starter and solenoid.
  Julie and Bill brought me water for a few days and it allowed me to stay where I
was for a few days more. What a beautiful pace. Finally I sucked it up and headed to Puerto Escondito.
  I rented a car and took out the starter.  Took it to a magician.  It was ready in
an hour and a half.  The girls in the meantime had places to go and things to
procure!!  They were hard taskmasters. They kept us very busy and got all our errands done.
  Well that trip and the removal of the starter just did my arms and shoulders in!!
I couldn't move for at least 2 days
So I rested.
Puerto Escondito

Gravel and Natalie

Chocolate Clams that were spitting at the customers!

.  By the third day I actually thought about trying to put the starter in.  The next day I did.  So the generator turned over but it did not start!  I
was pretty sure it was, again, a
fuel problem.  I bled and bled and bled.  I changed the hose clamp and
cut off and replaced the hose to the engine cause it didn't look tight. It still
didn't start.  I tried to turn the
injector nut and couldn't.
You can see the water on the floor!! From the clams!
  I got to the fuel dock to get my fuel and water and I cornered the Yard manager.
I told him my generator isn't working and gave him  a brief history.  It was even very hard for him but he managed to get it loose and I had to crank the engine.  I probably couldn't have done it myself.  He got it running but usual it only lasted a day.  The next time I tried to start it it wouldn't start. So now I am going to
get Elvin to help me again.  Jasdip is hauled out right now in Puerto Escondito for
bottom paint and rudder and shaft packing replacement.  I had visitors (cruisers
headed north by car) so I left Jasdip and had lunch with them.  Now it is time to get
back to my beloved boat and get some sleep.  Much work tomorrow!!!
My bee screen.  Good to have.  They are fairly persistent!!!

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