Friday, February 24, 2017

OK She's back again!!!

 I am so happy to say that my arms are
getting much better. The right is good and the
left just has a bit more stretching to go. At least
it doesn't hurt to type anymore. So here I am again.
   Well in June of 2015 I came back from the Sea and planned to pull Jasdip out of the water for a bottom painting job and it turned out she was full of blisters (big ones) and her hull was very wet.
So.."life is what happens while we are making other plans!"  We ground down (not me mind you) they....the paint and into the fiberglass and gel-coat and poked holes to let the water out then we waited........and waited....(this was July). I put her away for hurricane season in the yard and left

for the states. It was a great trip and I as ususal visited my dear friends Mark and Joyce who still let me stay at their house when I come to town. I think this year is about time for me to varnish the chairs and table on the deck again and I actually look forward to it this year.
  I also visited family in Oregon and friends along the way. By November I was anxious to get back to La Paz and Jasdip because I was thinking the yard wanted to get started.
  By the time I got back she was almost dry enough. She still had to sit a couple of more weeks.
    The fun began and I sure hope it worked.
 As it turned out she had tons of air bubbles in the fiberglass. It appears that her hull was glassed on a Monday or a Friday or at least when there was little oversight!  Folks tell me that the
bubbles are from not working epoxy into the fiberglass to remove the bubbles. What can I
say. So She got two new layers of fiberglass
then 2 layers of penetrating epoxy. After that she got two layers of Barrier coat with an additive
as well as some of Danno's ashes mixed in.
So he is now a part of Jasdip forever and
is forever with me.
    We then put 2 or 3 coats of hard bottom
paint on her. Of course there was much grinding
 and sanding and such as well as drying and
futzing. A new thru hull valve and anything
else she needed while out of the water.
  It was a long grueling process because one
must be there almost all the time to make sure
things are done the way they should be.
I had some good guys working on her and
they took care of me. I feel like I made some
good friends there. I had Pizza Friday's a couple of times and brought in tons of good old Pizza
for anyone who happened to be there.
Finally she was done.A few friends came by and we re-christened her new bottom with Champagne and she was back in the water!
New Fiberglass

Dan's Ashes in the Barrier Coat

  I made it back to the Marina where they had
been good enough to give me an extension
on my slip fees (I had paid for 6 months in
advance in July only to find out I had to pay the yard a storage fee while she was drying
out). So I now started using that 6 months
Champagne for Jasdip and US
of fees, By this time my left arm was a
mess and I decided to just hang at the marina and work on the boat and arm. Not too much happened
for the next 5 or 6 months except boring stretching but it was at least good to be back on the water

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