Wednesday, June 27, 2018

End of the Season

Hello...well I think I will try to start this again. I have had a pretty good season after finally
getting my windlass to work again. It has crimped my style for the past 3 years. So I headed out for
a couple of months around mid May. The water had been getting clearer and clearer and when I
finally reached Puerto Escondido it became almost "gin" clear.
 Stocked up on water and some food stuff and
of course some wine! Took off back out in the
  The snorkeling was fabulous, the kayaking
as always exceptional and the water was beautiful. Unfortunately it was a bit short
lived. Hurricane Bud was heading my way.
So to be on the safe side I headed in to
Puerto Escondito where I picked up
a mooring ball. I spent the next day preparing
for the hurricane. I did it all....just in case.
The one thing is that if it isn't done by
the time the wind pipes up it can't be done. I was worn out but happy.

   Turns out Hurricane Bud became
"Bud Lite" for us. 25 knots of wind
and quite a bit of rain. Lucky for Baja
and for those of us out in our boats.
    Back out in the Sea again Bud had
stirred up the water and it was green.
I have been waiting and it is
beginning to get clear again.
   Had to swap out my alternator because
I think the belt was loose or too tight and
I burned out the bearings. Now Jasdip
charges well again when I am motoring.
I also broke the Strong Trak on my mast.
I tried to cut corners and paid for it. As usual...
any time you try to cut corners on a sailboat
you get bit!! Luckily it is an easy fix but not
until I order a new one and bring it back next

  I am also spending a great deal of time on
my shoulders and back and  I am happy to
say that I really feel like I am almost there!!
Nine years trying to get them loose and free
to move. I am so tired of it but I think I can
see some light at the end of the tunnel!
   Well it is time for a swim so I will end this
now and hopefully be back again soon
with more pictures and info.

My Neighbors Julie and Bill on Voyager.
The whole bay is empty and he is 40 ft away!! LOL!

That missing chunk is where the sail cars can escape. No using
the main until I get a new one. 

It is old and perhaps it was a blessing in disguise. 
I never would have looked at it otherwise!

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