Saturday, July 16, 2011

Big Sister Comes to Visit

A Cold One at Cafe Triumpho
   Well they made it to Mexico and I made it
to San Jose Del Cabo on time even! So we jumped in the car and took off heading for La Paz.
It was a pretty nice drive over some mountains with a quick stop in Triumpho!
   A very quaint, cute town and a great half way point for a servesa.  Made it to La Paz in time
for sundowners on the boat and planned the next day.
     Decided to keep the car for a couple of days
and the next day we went touring the town and
had to check out the best margaritas.  La Costa
restaurant good drinks,good food and on the
Outside the Mercado Bravo

   Another stop was the Mercado Bravo
where one can get great produce,wonderful
seafood, just butchered chicken
with the feet and lunch for almost nothing.
These are places one must see when
in Mexico.  That was enough for one day
Inside Chedraui (provisions)
so back to the Marina we went to hit the pool.
I for one
 was very overheated!  It was
almost too hot.  I actually wasn't sure
I was going to make it.  One can't really
just use the hose by the boat cause
the water is very hot in the pipes and a hot
shower is NOT what one is looking for.
   Since we were planning to take the boat
out into the islands it was necessary to
head to the local super market and provision.
We got lots of great stuff and I was looking
forward to the food.  On the way home from
Chedraui we made one stop to check for
Requisite shopping for the girls Ron, entertaining himself
really cool shirts.  We didn't know
whether they would be open or not but
since they were we headed in.  Pea got a real
cool shirt ( and I mean that literally and
figuratively).  Ron found a great belt but he
had trouble finding his size.
    The next day we headed out into the
Sea.  First stop was Caleta Partida. A bay between Ilsa Ispiritu Santos and Isla Partida.  I have now
been there quite a few times because it
is very close to La Paz and quite pretty.
We had borrowed a kayak from
Art and Jaye for Pea and Ron and Diane
used mine.  Definitly not as sleek as those guys
Happy hour at Isla Partida
have at home but it was the only game in town
and they had fun.
   One of my neighbors, Dave, on Free Spirit
decided to come out with us.  That night we got together for a great happy hour and dinner.
Then it hit and all of a sudden it was "cruisers
midnight" (9:00 pm).
    The next stop was Ensanada Grande.  It was very
quiet and peaceful but not quite as clear
as it had been the last time.  We hung at the
beach then took a dinghy ride to the next cove to view the blue footed boobies.  They were very
sparse this time.  The young had all hatched
and flown the coop and we only saw one.
   The next stop was Isla San Francisco!
That has to be one of my favorite places
even now after I have been to several more
farther north.  Thanks to Dave, we planned
a dinghy trip around the island and to
the near by Island of San Jose where
there is a beautiful lagoon and lots of
mangroves.  This was one of the bays
and there was a kayaking excursion
hanging out there at tie time.  We visited
and of course we had a couple of cold ones
and some wine (can't leave home without
it).  Back to the anchorage for another
splendid dinner and a long nap like a baby.
Diane Posing at the Bow
     I am really sorry I just didn't take
very many pictures.  I am trying to get better
and am succeeding now but at the time
I just didn't think about it.  I think we were
pretty busy.
    Pea,Ron,Diane and Dave all went for a hike
up to the top of the Northern end of San Francisco.
I had put a hole in the bottom of my foot
with one of those blasted "push the dot" canvass
fittings and could hardly walk.  Plus I wanted to
make water and just sit for a moment.  I always
feel so very responsible when others are on the
Diane, Pea and I had Bloody Mary's on the Bow
boat.  (Since returning from up in the Sea by myself
I am feeling even more confident and I think
that each visitor from now on will benefit from
that experience).     

  It was a very wonderful time with Ron and 
Pea and a great time getting to know Diane

My Beautiful Happy Sis

Leaving the Lagoon at San Jose
Pea with the Escape from the Lagoon in the background

Isla Coyote

Back to the Marina and  great Margarita at La Panga

  On the last day we wound up at a truly
good Mexican Restaurant!  Everybody
got something different and we all tasted.
It was a lovely place and the food was GREAT!
Ron was very happy and we all stuffed
ourselves.  Sad to be back in La Paz but probably
those guys were ready to leave.
A Happy Ron!
  Those sweet guys took me to Chedraui
and got me some more provisions before
they left.  They insisted!  I have never heard
of guests provisioning before they leave!
Only in my family!  That is just how they are.
Diane left me with the ultimate comment
every host loves to hear! "This was the best
vacation I have ever had!!!" Boy was I happy!
Hopefully they will return and each week,
month etc., I am getting better and better at this
so that I can make the experience even
better next time!  If that is possible!

A Happy Diane!

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