Monday, July 25, 2011

The Bungee cord tied to the dock finally broke! I'm outta there!


Well, I finally fired the folks I hired to fix my instruments!  When I called them
I had everything but GPS.  By the time they
left the only thing I had was depth, and GPS.
No more AIS, wind and radar.  I think there
are other things that went "away" too but
I can't remember them now.  Just glad there
is no fog here and I am not usually traveling
at night (radar)!
   Art and Jaye just happened to be heading out for a few days as well so we took of for Isla Partida and
Calita Partida.  Partida is one of Jay and Art's favorite places.  There is a bay on one side and
a "river" separating Ispiritu Santos and Isla Partida.
The bottom is sand with good holding and there
are turtles that live there.  So we hung for a bit
and decided to have hamburgers on Arione.
Jaye cooked and Art sat waiting not so patiently
for his burger.  Great dinner, great wine, great place and of course great company!
      The next evening I put my beach chair on
the bow, got myself a Bombay and tonic and
watched and waited for the wild life to appear.
It is great to have the time to just sit and
watch and wait.  it is actually hard to do at
first.  Believe it or not it takes least
for some of us!.  My reward was watching a
Mama sea turtle and her offspring cruise around the
bay for several hours.  I finally got a picture of
Mom's head.  Difficult critters to capture on
    The next day we headed to Isla San Francisco. ISF happens to be one of my favorite places here.
It was a bit crowded as I guess it gets at this time
of year. Probably due to it's close proximity to
La Paz. Also I keep forgetting but it is
summer and the kids are out of school so they are
everywhere!.  ISF
is still beautiful even if
there are other boats
there.I got my kayak out again
and went exploring along the
rocks and shore all around the bay.
It was amazing. The rocks and shallows are
teeming with life.  There were these amazing
colorful crabs EVERYWHERE scurrying
on the rocks when I cam close. Boy can
they scurry. Name: Sally light foot.  I do
believe I can say they came by their name
honestly.  At one point I was staring at the
rocks right under my kayak at something
green.  I couldn't quite make it out. I tried
to position the kayak so I could get
a better look and as I did so a big green
Moray Eel came out and swam under the
Kayak. That was what I was looking at
but couldn't quite tell what it was
until then. Of course my camera was
in it's zip lock!


  Art and Jaye came by as they were out
for a row around the Bay.  I swear they
looked like something out of Pride
and Prejudice! I told Jay she must
find a Parasol for the next time!
   Their dinghy is a sailing/rowing dinghy.  I haven't
tried it yet but hope to sometime in the future.
It really looks like a hoot to sail and Art has
a wonderful time when he goes.

    It seems like Jasdip and I just travel
through all of this life. They hardly even
give us a second look and sometimes
we don't even get a first!  This guy was
clearly nonplussed by our proximity.
   " Art ,could you row a bit faster I want to
water ski!"

Oh the Life
Needs a Parasol OR a Bull Horn

Stroke. Stroke. Stroke. Stroke Stroke!

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