Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Bahia Marquer

   The next morning I took off
in my kayak.  I explored the whole
bay and part of the next one.  There
was truly a lot to see!  The water
was so clear that a mask and
snorkel was not needed.  While I was
paddling everyone and everything was
going about their business.
Including this turkey buzzard who
must have found breakfast on
the rocks. Just past these rocks and
on the other side of the channel is
Puerto Escondito.  Known as
"the Hidden Port" because it is nearly
impossible to see unless you know
it is there.  I kept going around this
corner into the next bay and the water
got deeper and the fish got bigger.
Then decided I had better turn around
because my arm hurt already and just
because I turned around doesn't
mean I am really headed home. It
takes just as long to get back to the
"Mother Ship" if not longer, for me
anyway.  On the way back there were two
guys from the other sailboat in the bay
fishing.  They were very good and
kept catching fish. They threw
most of them back because they
already had plenty to eat. They were
just catching them because they
could.  Fishing is quite the pastime
here.  Every morning Dave, from
Free Spirit would get in his dinghy
and disappear  for hours at a time.
He was out "HUNTING"!!! As it
turns out Don from Wild Rose had
not been fishing and did not know
much about it so a budding relationship
formed and then Dave and Don would
go out every morning to "Hunt".
taught Don all he knew and then
some and Don and Dave are now
thick as thieves.  They had so much
fun and it is always fun to see Don
get excited .  Kathy and Don are so
into life that they get excited about
everything and I love being with  them.
  We took turns hosting dinner and
had a great time!

Catch and Release

The Mother Ship

Oh the Water
Cactus Garden
Drying the wings

Oh the Water!


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