Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Well...after the Tornado (funnell cloud of some sort) came through Isthmus I think the anchor must have fallen off it's 80ft shelf and gone to 120ft.  Needlesss to say I was uncomfortable and was pretty sure I was moving so I  pulled up stakes and got a mooring.  Just another challenge.  I drove through the Mine
(Mooring) Field and found mine.  A nice young man from the boat in front of me hopped on my boat and caught the bow line for me then helped me drag it back to the stern.  It was the first and it went ok.
  THere were quite a few folks there getting ready for Buccaneer Days.  The funnel cloud flipped a dinghy, ripped a bimini off a boat and destroyed the tent on shore.  I hung out there until Fri and they told me I had to move cause the owner of my mooring ball was coming in. 
  I then moved to Cherry Cove and it was quite beautiful.  Out of the wind and in 10ft of very clear water.  I spent my days Kayakin nand working on the boat.  Then I got involved in reading and went underground for a few days.  Good books.  Hardly came up for air. Hence no postings.  I am back now though.....

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