Friday, December 17, 2010

Settling In A Bit

  Yesterday I had to recharge my
Banda Ancha.  This is an internet
access device like my sprint device at
home but it is in Mexico.  I have a 30 day
program and since there is no mail
to speak of here everyone goes to the
offices and pays their bill.  It was an excuse
to get out, walk, see the town on foot and
practice my Spanish.  Got to the Telcel
(wish I had some stock in that Co.)
store but they weren't open yet.  I just
happened to walk by the electronic
store where I had left my remote mike for
my VHF radio to be fixed. I thought I would
check on that.Went in and wound up talking
to the repair person for close to an hour in English
and Spanish.  Apparently it is ready for testing so
I need to go and pick it up.  It was great  talking to
Victor.  I hope I can show him that I learned
something since I talked to him last.
   The architecture and the streets I have been
walking down are beautiful.  I don't think my camera
catches the beauty.  This sidewalk 10 yards from
Ana and Steve's house has birds carved into the
cement before it set and they are beautiful.
I guess I need to enlarge the picture and zoom in
so you can see the birds. I will work on that.
   I just love the houses with the verandas up high for the evening breezes and to watch the world go by from above.

This sidewalk outside the house also has beautiful rocks placed sort of like a zig zag stitch on a sewing machine all along the front of their property.
    I think it is beautiful.

  With all of that walking I worked up a "powerful
thirst and hunger".  Guess I decided to stop and eat.

Wound up at Rancho Viejo for lunch.  The best
Arracchara  in the neighborhood.  I had lunch and then  headed out for the rest of my errands.  Got a seam ripper and some needles then the Marina
shuttle picked me up.  By the time I was home I was pooped. So there goes JASDIP.

These Calle Lillies I thought were beautiful.  I happen to have a love for them since my years living in
Martinez and hanging out with the Linnetts.
It was a lovely day and I came home with better Spanish and several blisters.


  1. reading your blog and looking at the pix brings back so many wonderful memories!!! I miss it all and have the desire to go again - perhaps 2011?!
    Have a safe, happy and healthy Holiday season!

    Eva a. Milton

  2. So much fun to be had and sites to be seen. Enjoy La Paz!