Thursday, November 25, 2010

It will probably be La Paz for quite a while.

Marina Palmyra
The anchorage off the city is a lovely place.
It is great holding in 15 feet.  There is quite
the tidal flow and the boats at anchor
frequently face the opposite way the wind
is blowing.  It is very strange.  The current
is often much stronger than the wind and
that is what causes it.  They call it
"The La Paz Waltz".  I was so ready to get to
a place where I could wash, wax, clean
dinghy and do varnish that I made a pest
(nicely of course) of myself until the girls who run
Marina Palmyra finally relented and gave
in.  I am now in a great place to do the
work and spend the holidays. Thank you

 Marcella and Adrianne!
  The other day I took a long walk along the city front on the Malecon.  It is a beautiful sort of cobblestone
walkway that extends all along the city.  Everyone is
out walking or jogging in the Am and Pm.  It isn't
quite as popular during the heat of the day though.
  There are beautiful Bronze Statues all along the
the way.
   The one below I just love. On my way here as I was passing through the Canal De San Lorenzo (the passage between the mainland of Baja California Sur and
Isla Del Espiritu Santo) I was scanning the

 horizon looking for the channel markers when
I saw this huge something hurl itself out of the
water and do 2  360's and then dive back in!  Then
there was another and was amazing.
I had heard that Rays do that but
I had never seen them do it. Wow. Can hardly
wait to see that up close!
 As I was walking back to the boat I passed this
tiny boutique hotel.  This is the kind of place
I look for when I want to go to a hotel.  Reminds
me of my favorite places in Mendocino the Albion.

  I am having
Thanksgiving dinner
with Art, Jay, Sarah
and Darryl on
Arione. They too
are in the Marina so I best get the
potatoes a boiling. Happy Thanksgiving to
all.  I know I have a lot to be thankful for!!!


  1. Hi Crit. Great blog. La Paz is so fun and you find the best places. Call on the VHS if you make it downtown today.

  2. So happy to hear that you celebrated Thanksgiving with friends and are re-discovering La Paz. Let us know if you need some tips!

    Steve and Ana should be there any day. You are going to have a wonderful reunion. Can't wait to catch up with everyone!

  3. Great pictures - and your mashed potatoes were YUMMY. Now come join us for a swim. Sarah

  4. What a great T-Day! Turkey and all the trimmings look better than ours! haha! and you get to go swimming to boot!!! lucky girl! xo